Pandemic Podcasting: What I learned from reading 50+ Books in 2020

This was a challenging year for many people around the world. Back in April, I realized many of my friends and colleagues who were authors wouldn’t be able to travel on Book Tours. Doing a book tour, such as it was — to 5 states — for my book Losing the Nobel Prize was a highlight of my career as a writer (again, such as it is).

So I wondered how I could use my platform as a small YouTuber and host of the Into the Impossible Podcast to make a difference for my author-buddies. I decided I would invite on as many guests as possible with new books to promote, and afterwards I would write up my notes and observations based on these conversations with incredibly brilliant luminaries. In the end, I hosted six Nobel Prize Winners, several billionaires, a few of my fellow podcasters, planetary explorers, two astronauts, and a Holocaust Survivor. What a ride!

I posted most of these notes and sent them to my mailing list and posted some on… In the end, I read over 50 books and wrote up over 20 episodes’ worth of show notes. I can’t believe the response I received — my short show notes were read t!

I was also blessed to see my subscribers on YouTube grow from 300 in January 2020 to over 16,000 in December 2020! My podcasts went from a trickle of downloads to several thousand for each and every episode.

Below are links to my top 10 episode show notes, as determined by I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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  1. Patrick Bet-David: Your Next Five Moves! | by Brian Keating |
  2. An Elegy for a British Lioness: Margaret Burbidge (1919–2020)
  3. An interview with Stephen Wolfram: has he found a Theory of Everything?
  4. Eric Weinstein and the Soul of Physics | by Brian Keating
  5. Life lessons from Jim Simons: The ‘World’s Smartest Billionaire’
  6. Noam Chomsky: Turing, Musk, AI, and Cancel Culture!
  7. YouTube’s #1 Astronomer, Dr. Becky
  8. L. David Marquet: Great Leaders NEVER Say This Word!
  9. Michael Shermer on his new book, GIVING THE DEVIL HIS DUE
  10. Rapper, Entrepreneur, Podcaster: Zuby! A Brief History of Rhyme!



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Brian Keating

Brian Keating

Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Host of The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast Author of Losing the Nobel Prize.