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Neil deGrasse Tyson joins me!

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Key Takeaways

“If I have as many followers as I do, it’s because I’m feeding people” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

David Spergel: Cosmologist, Mentor, and Friend

David Spergel — a legend of cosmology!

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David Spergel, incoming president of the Simons Foundation

Key Takeaways

A guest post by Phillip Levin.


In this episode of Into the Impossible, Brian Keating sits down with theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli, author of “The Order of Time” and a founder of Loop Quantum Gravity, which is a theory of quantum gravity that combines ideas of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

The discussion starts lightheartedly, with Carlo Rovelli briefly discussing his appearance in a Disney film before jumping into a discussion of science and physics.

Rovelli has focused much of his career on the concept of time; a relevant question then, as Keating wonders, is how does Rovelli choose and make time for the…

Does Deepak believe in God? If not, what does he believe in?

Dr Deepak Chopra (May 19, 1946) is an American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age movement. He is a proponent of meta-science, but he also writes about topics that do not necessarily contradict popular science. His books have been The Huffington Post’s most-e-mailed articles.

Chopra has written about the future of evolution, as he calls ‘Metahuman’. The book aims to explore the potential capabilities of human beings in the near future and far future, based on his analysis of cutting edge scientific discoveries reported in popular news sources from around the world.

Carlo Rovelli reveals how time is ordered!

Carlo Rovelli — The Order of Time and Loop Quantum Gravity. Carlo is a modern day incarnation of Galileo. He will give you a different way of thinking about the experience we call time. I’m a fan of his and I think you might be, too. Of course, I am talking about Carlo Rovelli, author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.Rovelli’s goal is to demystify black holes and the topics of time and quantum gravity, but to do so he must leave our familiar world. Using a large variety of examples and analogies…

James Altucher is a force of nature: entrepreneur, stand up comic, writer, and podcaster…but most importantly: he is a mensch and I’m proud to call him a friend…

SKIP THE LINE! How to succeed: from America’s #1 failure 😂

You’ve heard of James Altucher. He’s been featured on Tim Ferriss’s podcast, and on The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast (three times to date). We met at TEDx San Diego — and he’s my #1 mentor in the podcast world. He’s taught me so much — among other things: not to hit “publish” on any content unless I’m at least a…

Watch my conversation with Larry Tribe here: The Physics of Impeachment!

The Bill of Rights has been called the ‘heart and soul of the Constitution’. But, did you know how Euclid influenced it? The bill of rights was created as an outline for what government could, and could not, do. It is very similar in nature to Euclid’s Elements: an outline, a guide to the logic underpinning math.

The influence of Euclid on the creation of the United States Constitution is easily apparent. The laws which exist and are practiced today, in fact share much in common with Euclidean…

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It can be better!
If the past has taught us anything, it’s to be wary of big tech’s promises to improve our lives. But, according to my good friend Max Tegmark, with his team’s help, we can use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve our lives by ‘simply’ improving the way we perceive and consume news.

Max wrote the spectacular books Our Mathematical Universe and Life 3.0, selected by Mark Cuban and President Barack Obama as one of their favorite books…

Nobel Prize Winner Frank Wilczek: Fundamentals — What Are The 10 Keys To Reality? | Transcript here.

Check out the Into The Impossible and Episode Notes and sign up to win a copy of Frank’s new book: here.

Key Takeaways

This is an excerpt from my conversation with Cumrun Vafa where I pressed him to on whether string theory departs from the core principle of the age-old scientific method: hypotheses must be subjectable to tests against evidence. His response was unique and fascinating.

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Brian: So I was thinking back to a conversation I had with Lenny Susskind, about one of the…

Brian Keating

Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Author of Losing the Nobel Prize.

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