Max Tegmark: Improve the News, Improve your LIFE!

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It can be better!
If the past has taught us anything, it’s to be wary of big tech’s promises to improve our lives. But, according to my good friend Max Tegmark, with his team’s help, we can use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve our lives by ‘simply’ improving the way we perceive and consume news.

Max wrote the spectacular books Our Mathematical Universe and Life 3.0, selected by Mark Cuban and President Barack Obama as one of their favorite books when it came out in 2017! President Obama said: “Max Tegmark’s deep dive into the ways AI could affect us in the future theorizes ways in which we could increase the odds of this technology’s impact being a positive one. Tegmark’s book also touches on the impacts AI will have on war, justice, society, and even our own sense of humanity.”

Elon Musk called it a “compelling guide to the challenges and choices in our quest for a great future of life, intelligence and consciousness — on Earth and beyond.”

Max’s new project, can help you see things from another point of view, namely the political perspective that is opposite to yours. It’s well-known that the news you consume online is often tailored to your political preferences, which only serves to ossify the views of news consumers on both sides. Max can help us break out of that fixed mindset and achieve a growth mindset instead.

I’m hopeful. Give it a try — see if you change your mind with Max’s mercurial new project. Don’t worry, we also discussed physics and Max promised to come back for a part 2 (and maybe 3 😀).

Watch my fabulous conversation with Max and Eric Weinstein here!

Let me know what you think about this interview. And stay tuned for more great guests like Allison Scrader (“An Economist Walks into a Brothel”), Carlo Rovelli, and Deepak Chopra and MORE!

Coolest Thing That Happened To Me This Week
As you may recall, one of my big bucket list goals for the year is to get permission to make the first ever audiobook version of Galileo’s Dialogue on Two World Systems. The printed edition copyright is owned by my own home university, the University of California Press! Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly make things a breeze (is anything in the publishing business easy?!), but I am excited to announce that I received permission from UC Press to start this amazing project and I will surely keep you posted on how it’s going.

I’m also excited to announce that upcoming guest, Carlo Rovelli, has agreed to read part of the text — possibly even one of the three main characters. Or possibly he will read Galileo Galilei’s forward dedication to his funding agency, the Grand Duke of Tuscany! Things sure were simple back then…just make sure to thank your funding agencies when you go ahead and self-publish without peer review 😂!

Please join my mailing list to get exclusive notes and resources from all my episodes here: 📝

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