James Altucher: SKIP THE LINE!

James Altucher is a force of nature: entrepreneur, stand up comic, writer, and podcaster…but most importantly: he is a mensch and I’m proud to call him a friend…

SKIP THE LINE! How to succeed: from America’s #1 failure 😂

You’ve heard of James Altucher. He’s been featured on Tim Ferriss’s podcast, and on The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast (three times to date). We met at TEDx San Diego — and he’s my #1 mentor in the podcast world. He’s taught me so much — among other things: not to hit “publish” on any content unless I’m at least a little bit scared of how my audience will react. That goes for my weekly emails too… I never assume you all will love every email or episode I put out, but I hope I get it right often enough…

James’s blog has had over 15 million views He is one of my favorite human beings…. He has traded stocks for hedge funds and VC firms, he was one of the first folks to adopt Bitcoin in 2013, made the first websites for HBO, AMEX, and and he’s even been a game show contestant and recently starred in an Amazon Prime miniseries…. Now, he’s back with a fabulous new book and you can find out his secrets to being successful and happy.

The entrepreneur, angel investor, and bestselling author of Choose Yourself busts the 10,000-hour rule of achieving mastery, offering a new mindset and dozens of techniques that will inspire any professional — no matter their age or managerial level — to pursue their passions and quickly acquire the skills they need to succeed and achieve their dreams.

We live in a hierarchical world where experience has traditionally been the key to promotion. But that period is over! Straight, clear-cut career trajectories no longer exist. Industries disappear, job descriptions change, and people’s interests and passions evolve. The key to riding this wave, entrepreneur James Altucher advises, is to constantly be curious about what’s next, to be comfortable with uncertainty so you can keep navigating the rough waters ahead, and most important, to pursue the things that interest you.

In Skip the Line, he reveals how he went from struggling and depressed to making his personal, financial, and creative dreams come true, despite — and perhaps due to — his many failures along the way. Altucher combines his personal story with concrete — and unorthodox — insights that work. But Skip the Line isn’t about hacks and shortcuts — it’s about transforming the way you think, work, and live, letting your interests guide your learning, time, and resources. It’s about allowing yourself to do what comes naturally; the more you do what you love, the better you do it. Become an expert negotiator, attract the attention of those around you, scale promising ideas, and improve leadership — all of which will catapult you higher than you ever thought possible and at a speed that everyone will tell you is impossible.

From Galileo Galilei to Albert Einstein and beyond, in our conversation James reveals the secrets exactly how he did it, and teaches you how to achieve your goals using his proven strategies, ones he used to build multiple $10 — $100 million companies (some of which he immediately lost… 😢).

Master the power of experiments– use it to learn how to learn quickly and anything. Get the book here

Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Author of Losing the Nobel Prize. https://BrianKeating.com

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