Carlo Rovelli reveals how time is ordered!

Carlo Rovelli — The Order of Time and Loop Quantum Gravity. Carlo is a modern day incarnation of Galileo. He will give you a different way of thinking about the experience we call time. I’m a fan of his and I think you might be, too. Of course, I am talking about Carlo Rovelli, author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.Rovelli’s goal is to demystify black holes and the topics of time and quantum gravity, but to do so he must leave our familiar world. Using a large variety of examples and analogies, he takes the reader on an entertaining journey that ends with a new understanding of the fabric of space-time. This is an important book about fascinating ideas. I listened to the audiobook masterfully read by Benedict Cumberbatch …yes THAT Benedict Cumberbatch!

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We don’t have to be intimidated by this strange theory. We can understand it. Rovelli makes the most complex theories of our time accessible and intuitive in this clear, concise overview of time and space, physics and philosophy.Time is the mystery — the greatest mystery. We live immersed in time. We have no direct experience of anything else. And yet we still wonder: Is time real? Where does it come from? Does it flow? Are there such things as past and future?

Schrödinger’s Cat. Planck Time. Time dilation. The relativity of simultaneity, and the block universe. They are all so strange and abstract that it’s hard for us to marry them with the time we see around us: the time that flows like a river, with a past, a present, and a future; the time in which we remember the past and project ourselves into the future; that seems to “flow” like a river through space. This is why today’s physics presents such an inner conflict for our mind — and why it has exercised so many minds over the last century or two.

In a friendly, easy-to-digest manner, Carlo Rovelli introduces you to the complex topics of quantum gravity. You’ll learn about the basics of quantum theory, time travel, and other mind bending paradoxes.The book includes a history of string theory’s development and how scientists came to understand the connections between space, time, and matter. Also included are descriptions of experiments in which particles appear to communicate backward in time and scientific thought-experiments exploring ideas about the nature of time.

Carlo Rovelli has done something hitherto deemed impossible — he has written a book about the most difficult science ideas of our time in a way that is both engaging and easy to grasp. Get your copy here.

I’m pleased that he has agreed to be a part of my epic project to convert Galileo Galilei’s Dialogue to audiobook form! Stay tuned for more information about this labor of love!



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