Brian Keating’s Universe🔭 — Issue #18

Professor Brian Keating
1 min readAug 21, 2022

Dear Impossible Family,

Greetings from somewhere off-the-grid. I’ve finally decided to unplug for a week. No email (other than this), no podcast interviews, no social media…nothing but time alone with my family and thoughts… SAVE ME!!!

Just Keating. I need some down time, just like you — before the stress/hassle of carpooling, incessant school supply shopping, and planning my own lectures kicks in. In fact, let me know your ideas for extending the unplugged/reset benefits throughout the year.

Stay tuned for more wonderful guests including Moiya Mc Tier (author of our Milky Way’s first unauthorized autobiography), Niall Ferguson, Lord Martin Rees, Neil Turok, Avi Loeb, Bernardo Kastrup, Eric Mazur and more!

Your feedback on this newsletter will help make it great, so I’d love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. Please feel free to respond to this email. I promise to read and respond to every one. If there’s a topic you’d love me to dig into in an upcoming issue, please let me know.

PS. Welcome to all the newbies. The rest of this year is going to be incredible. Stay tuned!

PPS. Enter to win a free copy of Galileo Galilei’s Dialogue in audiobook form!

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Have a magical week!

Professor Brian Keating

Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Host of The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast Authored: Losing the Nobel Prize & Think like a Nobel Prize Winner