Brian Keating’s Universe🔭 — Issue #12

Are Electrons Conscious? That’s the subject of today’s chat with Professor Philip Goff, author of “Galileo’s Error”

Advice to graduates?

Dear Impossible Family,🎓

It’s graduation season and I am pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking to a thousand bright, young graduates. Giving a commencement address is a fraught proposition: too vague/clichéd (‘’follow your passion’’) and your audience will dismiss everything you say as trite. Too specific, and the audience will tune you out.

My address is tentatively called ‘Think Like Galileo’ featuring the Maestro’s lessons for remaining relevant for half a millennium. I’ll be covering the power of having plans and goals while avoiding expectations which lead to ‘living in the future’ and conditional happiness. I’ll, of course, discuss setbacks and fallbacks and how Galileo dealt with them in his storied life and career. Wish my luck with this experience!

Luckily, I have kept off the few pounds I have lost since New Years and so I can confidently say I will comfortably fit into the billowing robe and silly hat I’ll be forced to wear 😀.

I’ll be sure to share my experience with you when I get back.

But in the meantime, help me out: what was the best (or worst) commencement advice you ever received?

Speaking of Galileo, have you gotten your copy of The Dialogue? You can get it Direct from me (discount!), or on Audible, (If you don’t have an account click here for a discounted free trial:. You can also get it at Google Play, Scribd, or other platforms! You’ll find more information, including all the figures from the audiobook here.

Have a magical week!

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Brian Keating


Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Host of The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast Author of Losing the Nobel Prize.