☘️When does the Luck of the Irish Kick In? ☘️

Professor Brian Keating
2 min readMar 7, 2022

Dear Impossible Family,

Things sure have been stressful lately. Just when things on the COVID front looked promising, we move towards the threat of a nuclear confrontation between superpowers. Will we ever get a break or is it as I feared — 2022= 2020, too??

This week I posed the following question on Twitter and got tons of amazing feedback: “What’s a physics fact that most people wouldn’t believe is true?” Over 10,000 people engaged with this question. I don’t know why it resonated so widely…but let me know ⇨ what do you think it is?

Have a magical week!

CONVERSATION: Hakeem Oluseyi is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, inventor, educator, science communicator, author, actor, veteran, and humanitarian. He was named a Visiting Robinson Professor at George Mason University in 2021, a distinction by which the university recognizes outstanding faculty.

In 2021, he published an autobiography titled: A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars co-authored with Joshua Horwitz. His brutally honest memoir tells the inspiring unlikely hero’s journey story from dealing drugs to dishing out the hardest of hardcore science communication and inspiration! Hakeem’s best known scientific contributions are research on the transfer of mass and energy through the Sun’s atmosphere; the development of space-borne observatories for studying astrophysical plasmas and dark energy; and the development of transformative technologies in ultraviolet optics, detectors, computer chips, and ion propulsion. Hakeem is the president-elect of the National Society of Black Physicists.

I really enjoyed how candid, vulnerable, and deep Hakeem went with me. Nothing was put off limits, and I think it shows.

IMAGE: It’s truly emotional for me to post this, the first group pictures of my research group at UC San Diego since 2020. I can’t believe how good it feels to FINALLY be back in person with my other ‘family’…my team of postdocs, undergraduates, and graduate students at my lab at UCSD! It’s been too long, and we are making up for lost time with copious quantities of beer (for the 21 and over set, obviously) and pizza on campus!

GENIUS: My friend Mitchell Cohen has helped as an advisor for my YouTube channel. He’s as tech savvy as they come! He put together a genius list of Google Document tips that I just had to share. If you like them, let him know! Find them here

APPEARANCE: I was back on my friend James Altucher’s show recently. Get the audio here or watch it here.

MEMORY: Last week I asked a very controversial question, doubting either Richard Feynman’s memory or honesty or both! It brought a LOT of heat in the comments… Let me know what you think.

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